21 MAY 2021

Apokalepsia was concocted, composed and performed by Hundred Headless Horsemen at Sir Näs Studios in Helsinki, Finland. The band remains anonymous, but we were joined by Mikko Suikkanen on electric violin, Saergu on modular synthesizers in “The Road” and Titus on percussion on “The Road” and “Spleen”.

The album was recorded by Valtteri Virolainen and Titus, mixed by Valtteri Virolainen and mastered by Magnus Lindberg Productions in Stockholm, Sweden.

Photographer and visual artist Karl Ketamo (www.karlketamo.com) worked with us to create a visual form for our concept and produced the photographs featured in the cover art.

Apokalepsia is released by Inverse Records in collaboration with our own label Särö. The album is availble now on Bandcamp as a digital download and also in physical Compact Disc format. You can also stream the album on all major streaming platforms, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Apple Music and Amazon music.

No Clean Singing
No Clean Singing@no_singing
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"...an even better comparison would be to think of HHH as the Death Metal equivalent of Oranssi Pazuzu, with whom they not only share a love of sludgy grooves and psychotropic sounds, but also an almost pathological aversion to playing by the rules."
Cave Dweller Music
Cave Dweller Music@dweller_music
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I would say that at the very least the band takes us on a journey into the unknown, one that explores areas seldom visited, or at least seldom visited simultaneously in one album. Overall, the album is impeccably written, each song is a true work of art within itself, but when looked at collectively they make up a truly impressive album..
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They are truly unique and playing a completely different game than the rest of the artists in adjacent scenes... Apokalepsia is a masterwork and worthy of multiple re-listens to peel back the layers and find some clarity.
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Doch ansonsten macht “Apokalepsia“ nicht schlapp und übertrifft sich selbst mit einem originellen Sound und einer packenden Atmosphäre. Ein wirklich starkes Debüt von einer starken Truppe.


15 MARCH 2016

After recovering from the shock of finding all of the dark energy that was flowing right through us and found its form as our first release one year ago, we had to try and find a reason why this overflowing stream of darkness wanted to talk through us. 

The reindeer skull that we had received spoke to us, through it’s cracked and rotten form and it’s fermented smell, about the forces that our minds are unable to fathom, in the dark forests just beyond our backyards. It laughed at our fantasies of nature as a harmonious or wholesome entity and suggested instead that what we want to see as such is an intricate balance of discordant powers driven only by their will to survive. These teachings from the dead reindeer directed us to the path of discovery which ultimately lead us to the completion of our second EP called “Hexagon”.

Engineering by Thomas Mattsson and Toni Melin. Mixing and mastering by Valtteri Virolainen. Photography by Vesa Laitinen.

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Hexagon vaatii muutaman kuuntelukerran ennen kuin sen anti ja tarkoitus selkeytyvät. Mutta kun sen verran vaivaa jaksaa nähdä, on palkintona hyvinkin mielenkiintoinen EP, jonka terävät koukut on piilotettu syvälle lasivillasta keitettyyn aamupuuroon.


8 APRIL 2015

When we first met in the summer of 2014, we had no idea what we were in for. It seemed as if we were able to collectively tap into the darkest energies of our subconsciousness and they were flowing out of us as waves of sound without any filtering. So we locked ourselves into our hideout and channelled this energy in an intensive session that was as scary as it was fruitful. We played everything together on the spot and refrained from any edits or overdubs to keep that energy intact. The results of this session are now upon you in the form of this EP.

Performed and recorded at the HHH hideout by Hundred Headless Horsemen.

Mastered by Thomas Mattsson.

Photography and graphic design by Jukka Kiistala (www.jukkahenrijuhani.com)

The Stoner Sound
The Stoner Sound
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While all the tracks on this EP are great, the track that stands above the rest for me is ‘Draken’. It’s an unrelenting display of lo-fi, heavy psych greatness and in a strange way reminds me almost of Cathedral. Having said that, every track on this release is fantastic and worthy of any sludger’s playlist."